VanRein Compliance Podcast

HIPAA Compliance Training that Educates

January 20, 2022 Season 1 Episode 16
VanRein Compliance Podcast
HIPAA Compliance Training that Educates
Show Notes

Welcome to The VanRein Compliance Podcast: the Podcast that will secure your business with a clear plan to reduce your risk.

This week our hosts Dawn and Rob Van Buskirk discuss how HIPAA compliance training can educate and transform your business;

In this week's episode we unpack the following topics:

  • What is HIPAA compliance Training
  • Why PowerPoints and PDFs are not effective mediums to deliver impactful training 
  • Where to get a FREE license to test-drive our training that educates.

As we discussed this week you can receive a free license to our online training that educates. just send an email to with the title Rob said FREE! and a member of our staff will get you your free training license. 

Every week The VanRein Compliance Podcast will help you simplify compliance, secure your business, and reduce your risk all while having some fun.  Thanks for joining us!

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