VanRein Compliance Podcast

How to Serve Clients with Excellence

October 12, 2022 Dawn & Rob Van Buskirk Season 2 Episode 46
VanRein Compliance Podcast
How to Serve Clients with Excellence
Show Notes

How to serve clients with Excellence! 

In this episode, Dawn and Rob talk to our very own Account Manager Alex Wheatley and how she lives one of our core values, a servant mindset. 

Alex, Dawn, and Rob discuss how our customers are transformed from stressed and confused to calm and confident with the VanRein Framework. We also dive into ways you can continue to WOW your customers and increase your customer satisfaction.

Alex also talks about her hobbies, why she is part of the VanRein Team, and how she gives back to the community.  

Here are the non-profits that Alex discussed in the episode and how you can get involved:

East Los Angeles Women’s Center

Feeding America:

The Beacon House:

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